The Impact Of Elvis Presley And The Civil Rights Movement

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Elvis Presley was one of the most influential rock and roll singers in the American history. Presley’s work revolutionized the music and brought about significant changes in the entertainment industry. He grew up in an environment where racial segregation between the whites and African Americans was highly pronounced. In fact, Presley schooled in Memphis where he graduated from a whites-only high school. However, he upheld the Black’s music and made it possible for their music to be accessed by the White American youths. Presley’s tracks broke past the racial barrier as many teenagers loved his amazing voice. Through his music, he confronted racism and challenged both social and moral values. Elvis Presley changed the manner in which the Black minority were treated in the U.S. through his music, and this initiated the fights against racial discrimination leading to the civil rights movement. Presley’s provocative dancing moves were criticized mostly by the whites who strongly believed that Presley was violating their values. Presley danced passionately by thrusting his pelvis and shaking his hips. Some parents were not impressed by Presley’s way of dancing thus turned against his music. Again, the old generation disliked him for no good reason, however; all the controversies around Presley made him more popular. By the end of 1955, Elvis had successfully moved from local to national sensation. According to Wallace (100), Presley’s popularity increased the blacks’

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