The Impact Of Emergency Department Overcrowding : How It Affect Nursing Professional Practice And Patient Care

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The Impact of Emergency Department Overcrowding: How it affect Nursing Professional Practice and Patient Care. Introduction The purpose of this study is to explore the effect overcrowded Emergency Departments (ED) have on the Registered Nurse and how it impacts patient care. According to The Emergency Physicians and National Emergency Nurses Affiliation (EPNENA) (2001), ED overcrowding is a state wherein the demand for service surpasses the capacity of physicians and nurses to provide healthcare within a satisfactory time frame. Overcrowding is considered severe when there are a larger percentage of patients being treated in hallways than there are available treatment beds EPNENA (2001). Working as a nurse in an extremely busy ED has raised my awareness of how increased volume in workload affects the professional ethic of the RN to deliver safe, quality healthcare services to patients Maskop (2009). Professional Practice is defined by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (2007) as having structures and processes needed to achieve desired outcomes. Professional practice standard is maintained through being accountable to your workplace for your actions, implementing high ethical standards into practice and translating knowledge into action Based on personal experience I can also agree with Maskop (2009) who wrote that, the moral dilemma, healthcare workers encounter when working in an overcrowded environment forces them to perform patient care contradictory to the
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