The Impact Of Employee Motivation And Performance During Mergers And Acquisitions

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This research will be carried out by examining the situation in a detached manner. This is not an easy task. Values as well as personal views could definitely influence the hypothesis. The nature of the research question could create hidden bias is in terms of preferences or believes which could skew the results, often unconsciously, to the intended result. From the design of the question, development of the sampling strategy and prioritizing of the correlations within the results data set could all be influenced by our perception. Therefore, to design a good research project self-awareness, suppression of strong views and preferences, and building sufficient checks and balances are critical. To arrive at an unbiased conclusion different…show more content…
It is also important to build sufficient controls and review mechanisms to ensure that unintended bias has not crept in. Extra care will be taken in designing the survey and the techniques I have chosen would provide both subjective and objective data. Consistent with the mix methodology for qualitative and quantitative data collection, these techniques will be appropriate. Interviews are an excellent means of getting information from a respondent while ensuring a level of confidence in the responses received. There is also opportunity to obtain additional information through discussions which would potentially help identify avenues for further consideration in the research or details that could provide value and credibility to a research or even potentially result or help in further studies. One of the potential weaknesses of interviews include the possibility of diverging too far from the research topic. Co-location is a blocker for face to face interview, but this can be mitigated by use of technology like video conferencing. There is also a huge dependency on the time a respondent can provide the researcher and this would need additional effort to arrange a location and time that is convenient for both the researcher and respondent. Interviews also have a fair share of problems such as the style of the interview (structured, semi-structured, unstructured),
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