The Impact Of Employee Motivation On Organizational Productivity, Employee Turnover, And Employee Satisfaction

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Employee Motivation Motivation of employees plays a crucial factor in determining their performance with regard to productivity and engagement in their respective duties. Actually, employees who are adequately motivated tend to enhance their performance, be more productive, feel more satisfied, and be more engaged in their work. Managers should take responsibility to enhance their employees in order to enhance their contributions to the organization or company resulting in increased productivity. The significance of employee motivation to organizational productivity is linked to the widely accepted belief that motivation is the basic driver of human behavior. The significance of motivation in driving human behavior has contributed to the development of various theories of motivation, which are mostly applied in real life organizations or businesses. The application of these theories has considerable effects on organizational productivity, employee turnover, and employee satisfaction.
The Concept of Employee Motivation Motivation can be described as a psychological process that influences individuals’ choices about work-related behaviors. While managers tend to consider employee motivation as the desire to work, this concept refers to a general procedure that has considerable effects on nearly all behaviors. This is primarily because the concept of employee motivation is based on the principle that the resultant behavior is carried out in order to generate desired…
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