The Impact Of Employee Training On Employee Engagement

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THE INFLUENCE OF EMPLOYEE TRAINING ON EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS OPERATING IN MERU COUNTY,KENYA 1 Mutumbu. L, 2Dr. Guyo. H, 3Muketha. M 1Meru University of Science &Technology, PO Box, 972-60200. Meru, Kenya 2Meru University of Science & Technology, PO Box, 972-60200. Meru, Kenya 3Meru University of Science &Technology, PO Box, 972-60200. Meru, Kenya Corresponding author: Abstract Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement a worker has towards their organization and its values. It is a win-win approach for employees and employers and an important factor for employee’s positive contribution towards organizational success. On the other hand, Nongovernmental organizations are growing at a high rate in Kenya and while research supporting the possible importance of employee engagement is clear, research about how to create employee engagement is remarkably undeveloped in the nongovernmental organizations sector. The study sought to explore the influence of employee training on employee engagement in NGO’s operating in Meru County, Kenya. Descriptive research design and purposive sampling technique was used. The study adopted structured close ended questionnaires as research instrument and split halves reliability test technique was adopted and a score of 0.85 obtained. The target population was employees in 26 NGO’s operating in Meru County. The sample size was 172 drawn from 3 organizations the study registered a response rate
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