The Impact Of Employment Relations On The New Millennium Essay

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Employment relations is concerned with preventing and determining issues including people which arise out of or influence work situations and it interact with the actors including the employers and unions in which they have different roles to change in the employment relations. This research essay will be analyzing the role of the employers in different country or organization and will be addressing the changes in their role and the behaviors in the new millennium. The essay concentrates on the definition of the employers in employment relations. In addition, this essay will also evaluate what have their influence been on the work environment within employment relations. In organizations, they seek an employer who can be an asset and it is important for them to know the efforts that they can bring up in every organization (Yaqub, Khan, 2011). The responsibility of the employer is to hire workers in the company and offer them a wage or salary as an exchange of their working hours. In Britain, there is an effect of trade unions and the perception of the employer by using the link of employer-employee data from the 1998 Workplace Relations Survey (Bryson, 2005). The Workplace Relations Survey takes into consideration of the general applicability to be tested in more thorough than has been conceivable to date in able to analyse the relationship between the employees’ view of management-employee relations and the components of their work environment. The survey offers a one of a

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