The Impact Of Engineering Disasters On Engineering And Society

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The Influence of Engineering Disasters on Engineering and Society
Engineering is much more important now than it ever used to be. It has evolved throughout the centuries. The more it evolved the more mistakes engineers made. Not all mistakes are equal; some of them caused thousands of fatalities, and others were just design failures with only loss of money. Other mistakes caused major harms in the surrounding environment, if not the Earth as a whole. The domain of engineering as S.P. Nicholas and W.F. Weldon noted in their writing is “The application of scientific knowledge to the needs of society” [1]. The society needs a lot. It needs houses, technology, and transportations. All of these depend on engineering. The more complicated the society is the more it needs. Therefore, engineers work for it more and more, what results in more mistakes and worse mistakes as well. The questions are: how does the society see the mistakes that engineers make? Do they accept them? Or just say that engineers are destroying our society? Are not the engineers working to fulfill the needs of the society? How does our culture accept engineering disasters? People learn from disasters and from successes. From disasters they understand that they did something wrong. From that they try to understand what happened. Then, they try to fix it before doing a similar project again; so, they never fall into the same mistake that caused that disaster. From successes they learn what they did right, and…
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