The Impact Of Environmental Sustainability On The Environment

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Environmental sustainability is a major cause for concern in the world today. The entire world has come to the realization of some of the dangers posed by unsafe environmental practices such as dumping of effluents into the sea and releasing smoke and dust into the atmosphere. There has been a renewed interest in handling the environmental concerns by making deliberate and collaborative efforts to address the situation (Blewitt 17). The coming into force of legal instruments such as the Basel Convention of 1989 aimed at enhancing compliance with environmental safety concerns. Despite these deliberate efforts, some states are yet to put in place remedial measures to handle the matter. The efforts made by the societies aim at making the environment more sustainable. This article examines the sustainability processes taken to control electronic waste dumping in the environment (Blewitt 56). In the process, the write-up will discuss some of the mechanisms of handling the waste and analyzing their suitability, in the ultimate determination of the most appropriate mechanisms for handling the issue. Sustainability remains the major drive in regulating the activities of the industrialists and the households that pose a danger to the environment.
E-Waste and its Effect on the Environment
E-waste refers to the waste emanating from the old electronics such as computers, radios, mobile phones, and laptops. Once the gadgets have outlived their usefulness, people discard…
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