The Impact Of Environmental Sustainability On The Environment Essay

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Kristina King Soc 327 October 9, 2015 Reflection Paper # 1 If out of the 17 U.N. Millennium Development Goals for 2030 could be achieved, I feel that ensuring environmental sustainability would be most crucial. Environmental sustainability and development is necessary to reduce poverty and increase the wellbeing of not only today’s people, but for future generations.(1) These global environment isssues require a global solution. However inequality between countries creates environmental issues, uneven development, and difficulty and finding solutions. (2) I believe as humans we are dependent on the environment. Sustaining the environment to me trumpets all other goals the UN proposes to meet. Ensuring environmental stability is the core that allows the other goals listed to be able to function. Finding a solution to poverty and hunger is a very critical goal I would love to see met, but that cannot function without first providing a sound stable safe environment. Environmental sustainability is intertwined with poverty, hunger, and disease. Climate changes and global poverty combined affect the people of the poor rural areas that are dependent on natural resources for their survival and support to their families. How important can the issue of maternal health and universal education be to the laymen of these rural areas, who are worried about providing their families next meal. Ensuring environmental sustainability falls under goal 7. Four main targets are listed in
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