The Impact Of European Imperialism In Europe

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Based on the history of the world, there are countless amounts of historic events and actions that has been taken place to change the nation. Those changes involved countries all over the world to cooperate and sacrifice some of their needs. One big development that occurred during the nineteenth century was the expansion of imperialism in Europe. The spread of European imperialism has left many different types of impacts affecting politics, economic stability, and distributions of power. Although, this major shift took action in the European countries, it also impacted the whole world. Some ways that imperialism has made an impact in international politics are expanding the economic growth among the nations and provided resources through industrialization.
Today, most countries are cooperating and working together to help meet their country’s needs. Some countries around the world are facing more problems and crises due to the issue of economic stability. A beneficial impact generated by imperialism was the expansion of capitalism because through the structures of capitalism countries were privately controlled allowing them to gain profit without dealing with others. According to Karl Marx’s capitalist approach towards imperialism, due to the similar stages in production it lead him to develop a model called the ‘laws
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The beneficial lasting impacts that are still in affect from today were made from the expansion of capitalism and through industrialization. The expansion of capitalism brought countries together by allowing them to trade freely. Although there is still a problem in economic development free markets allows countries to progress by allowing them to specialize in what they do best. Industrialization helped secure the needs of countries not only in Europe but others as well. European imperialism has left great remarks that are still lasting today in international
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