The Impact Of Evidence Based Practice On Health Care

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Each hospital has a specific policy and procedure protocol for every patient related procedure etc. These protocols vary form hospital to hospital yet their main purpose is to provide specific details on how they want the procedures performed. It is important to provide a rationale along with current research as to why certain procedures need specific details. I will be including what current evidence based practice suggest and what Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital’s policy suggest is the proper protocol for seizure precautions. Evidence based practice is important in health care because the roles of nurses and doctors is to keep the patients safe while treating them and helping them recover in the hospital. It is a…show more content…
VMC uses padding for three to four side rails placed in the upright position to prevent injury to the patient, they are not considered a danger as stated by Banner Health in 2011. Banner health mentioned that Medical immobilization that inhibits a patient’s mobilization to prevent injury of falling out of bed is considered restraint use in a non-violent situation. The potential hazards associated with seizures contribute to a higher standardized mortality rate for patients with epilepsy compared to the general population. (Carlson, C. 2009-2015). Numerous studies have examined the potential benefits of video-EEG monitoring for the patients, families and healthcare system in terms of
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