The Impact Of Evidence Based Practice On Health Care

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Each hospital has a specific policy and procedure protocol for every patient related procedure etc. These protocols vary form hospital to hospital yet their main purpose is to provide specific details on how they want the procedures performed. It is important to provide a rationale along with current research as to why certain procedures need specific details. I will be including what current evidence based practice suggest and what Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital’s policy suggest is the proper protocol for seizure precautions. Evidence based practice is important in health care because the roles of nurses and doctors is to keep the patients safe while treating them and helping them recover in the hospital. It is a responsibility to do no harm to the patients while having their lives in their hands
It is important that healthcare professionals receive proper training on a regular basis. The impact of evidence-based practice (EBP) has echoed across nursing practice, education, and science. The call for evidence-based quality improvement and healthcare transformation underscores the need for redesigning care that is effective, safe, and efficient. (Stevens, K 2013) It is crucial for staff to continue their education as advancing technology continues to climb each year with improved patient protocols designed to benefit the patient and hospitals. An example of this would be the introduction of Universal precautions in 1989, which helped prevent the…
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