The Impact Of Facebook On A Cyber World

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We are now living in a cyber-world, where everything is connected using internet. We use internet to connect anything from machine to machine, country to country, and most important – to connect people from the entire world. In recent years, people are becoming more and more interested in social networking sites. On top of that, Facebook is the most popular and widely use one. a study in 2013 show that more than 500 million people spend about 700 billion minutes on Facebook per month and half of them log into their account in a given day, and average user has about 130 contacts (Mustafa). And now the number is triple higher only after 2 years. The company potential valuation up to $100 billion in 2012, and keep growing. The success of Facebook is undeniable, but the company still very young and try to figure it out how it will become and make profits. The history of Facebook begin on February 4, 2004 a Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg launched with his friend to make a way for college students to make friend with each other (Caitlin). Its design was so basic back then and no one would have known how it becomes today. One year later, in 2005, the user expended to allow high schools and tech companies to use and the site name changed to “Facebook” only. Due to high demand in 2006, Facebook opened to everyone over the age of 13 with a valid email to use. And for the first time, the new-feed feature was launched. It allow user to see what other…
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