The Impact Of Federal Government On Aviation Development Of Aviation

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The answer to this capstone question will examine the role the Federal Government in the development of aviation in the United States. The discussion will discuss the three ways in which the Federal Government became involved in aviation development and cite an example in each of those cases. The resulting effect on aviation development of such involvement will also be explored. Body In examining the history of aviation in the U.S. and the development of the airlines, it is clear that the Federal Government played a vital role in the development of both. Historical records clearly show that this involvement by the Federal Government was critical in getting them established and in helping to develop them into the globally dominant enterprises they are today. Furthermore, it can be easily argued that U.S. aviation as a whole, and the airlines in particular, would not be where they are today without this direct involvement by the Federal Government and some of the very specific actions that it has taken to keep them relevant and competitive during the most dire of times. The Federal Government ensured that U.S. aviation and its airlines would develop and achieve a worldwide leadership role by becoming involved in three major ways: through funding, legislation, and policy setting. As any person or organization involved in getting a product to market can attest to, the endeavor involves a costly process that starts with acquiring the funds for research and
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