The Impact Of Feudalism In The Middle Ages In Europe

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Imagine a time where you are working long hours outside in the hot summer and cold winters, getting paid little to nothing and having to work and figure out life for your family on a day-to-day basis. This is how life was like for peasants and serfs in the Middle Ages in Europe. This period lasted from the 5th to the 15th century (IO). In Europe, during the Middle Ages, feudalism was shown in three different ways as Social, Political and Economic. The ranking of the social class was how life went on in the Middle Ages. The Serfs were granted land by the knight (Doc.1) but have a work hard long day and nights. Also, in returning the serfs had to provide food and military services when demand(Doc.1). This is how long day and years went by…show more content…
This is how the political part of the Middle Ages affect people in Europe. The Middle Ages the European economy was a lot about agriculture, but trade started to appear more and more. The economic side of Feudalism was the Manor. “The Manor was a largely self-sufficient system in which the lord's land (granted by the king) was farmed by his serfs” (Doc.2). “All legal and economic power belonged to the lord of the manor, who was supported economically from his land and by contributions from the peasant population under his authority” (OI, To sum this up, the lord was the head of the manor telling people what to do but paying them with land. The Church was also a big part in the economy side of feudalism. Sometimes the taxes were paid in crops, sometimes in money, plus they had to set aside a number of days every year to work for the noble(OI). The Lord would also take bribes as crops and peasants. This is how the lord made money and how the economy in Europe stayed alive.
Feudalism in the Middle Ages was shown as being Social, Political and Economic. The Social side of this is that the child was having a hard life working long hours in the hot sun or freezing weather but were shown everlasting life. The Political side of it was that kings granted land to Nobles and Nobles granted land to knights and

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