The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Australian Property Market

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1. State the title of your research: What is the impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Australian property market? 2. Describe the research topic: As we progress into a time of record clearance rates and housing prices, further research is required to understand if foreign investment is directly effecting the Australian property market and more specifically: - What are the considerations affecting a property market? - How often do these considerations actually impact the property market? - Can they have an impact on the property market? - Can we prevent any or all of these factors from having an impact on the property market? 3. State the main research question: This research project will identify what effects, if any, foreign…show more content…
- What would happen to the property market if there were suddenly no foreign investors? - Are Australians disadvantaged due to foreign investment? - Are first home buyers being pushed out of the market due to ‘cashed up’ foreign investors? - Can a country implement restrictions on foreign investment? 5. State reasons why it is worthwhile answering this question The question selected for this research paper has been a thought of many property professionals, particularly over the past few years as more and more foreigners enter the Australian property market. This research paper will broadly help the greater community and directly influence the typical Australian property investor who will benefit through further understanding the positive and negative impacts of foreign investment, further more: - Analyse case studies of countries who have introduced restrictions on foreign investment. - Help to detail the different mindsets of a foreign investor and the Australian Investor. - Explore other contributing factors to a property market and find out if foreign investment is as significant as we are led to believe. - Identify what restriction, if any, can be placed on foreign investors. 6. Identify people most interested in the answer to this question - Local, State and Federal Governments - Property Owners - Property Investors - Property Developers - First Home Buyers - Foreign Investors 7. Explain the relevance of this research to the property industry
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