The Impact Of Frequency Of Facebook Communication On Level Of Extraversion

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The Impact of frequency of Facebook communication on level of extraversion in university students ABSTRACT This study will examine whether there is a relationship between the frequency of Facebook communication and the level of extraversion among university students. Higher frequency of Facebook communication is hypothesized to result to higher level of extraversion. Two hundred students from the Monash University Caulfield Campus will be chosen as participants for this research. Participants will be students who self-report average lengths of time they communicate through Facebook in a day for the week. For the lightest Facebook users are those that spend less than 30 minutes daily while for the heaviest Facebook users who spend more than…show more content…
Social media users are most ordinarily young adults, aged 18 to 31. Three-quarters of adult Internet users under age 25 have a profile on a social media site (Lenhart, 2009). Facebook is recorded to be the most well-known social networking website with over one billion users (Sophy, 2013). Since Facebook is so universally used, it is therefore essential to examine the topic of how communication through Facebook would affect personality traits of an individual in the long run. However, limited studies have effectively examined this effect regardless of the increasing prominence of this social networking website In the past, researches have discussed mainly on how the personality traits of the individual are significant predictors of social media use but not on how this usage affects the individual in terms of behaviour. Harbaugh (2010) stated those high in extraversion trait tend to be lively, confident, active, carefree, approachable and enjoy being around others mainly while lower in trait are more likely to be shy, introspective and less likely to seek external social stimulation. The extrovert also desires excitement, a risk taker and acts impulsively at times, while the introvert is a quiet, reflective person who prefers time alone, does not fancy excitement and can be seen as remote by others at times. This study will aim to generalise the findings to reality settings by simultaneously measuring the impact of frequency of Facebook communication on level of
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