The Impact Of General Motors On The Automotive Giant

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Business assessment Toyota by itself did not have a significant impact on GM by its self but It play a pivotal in the demise of general motors as being the killing blow to a company that was already breaking down due to a number of factors Toyotas impact was multiplied with external and internal factors that were effecting the automotive giant. Within this essay it has broken down into 5 main segments that brought about General motors downfall and explain why Toyota impact was heightened. The first segment is quality management focusing on Deming’s profound knowledge and his 7 deadly diseases and 14 points on quality management (Berry, B 2011. P.1) highlighting where GM failed and Toyota succeeded and took advantage. The next segment that…show more content…
Toyota through adopting the second point of Deming’s 14 points “adopt a new philosophy” with changing to consumer driven marketing, with consumer trends turning towards cheaper and more fuel efficient cars Toyota was able to change the cars they were designing to meet their needs with this it gave Toyota a competitive advantage. Another reason Toyota gained a significant advantage was also meeting another point of Deming’s 14 points which was 5. Improve constantly and forever the systems of production and services this was evident in Toyotas production system with adopting new production procedures through in-house development with developing the ‘lean manufacturing system’ which focused on more efficient working with focusing on the best quality, lowest cost and shortest lead time (institute, 2000b) this was achieved through eliminating waste. Toyota was able achieve this new line of production management with two concepts just in time management which focused on delivery inputs to Toyotas operation facilities just in time to be used which meant Toyota was successfully able to cut costs with storage or raw materials being waiting to be used (institute, 2000b) which allowed Toyota to meet one of the Lean manufacturing criteria of lowest cost, and jidoka was concept created on automatic looms which stopped the machine when the thread broke which maintained quality within the product this was implemented
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