The Impact Of Genes On A Person

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The impact of genes on a person is a well-known assumption among people who study genetics. When you think about it, who we are and how we act is based off of our genetic makeup. Behavioral genetics studies the inheritance of behavioral traits. There are some people who are just nice and easygoing people while others behave in an unmoral way or are considered anti-social. Behavior genetics is that branch that is trying to figure out what factors play a part in how people act and what genes lead to diverse array of behavior. Not only could genetic information be inherited by a person’s parent but how much of their behavior is also determined by the environment, such as their living conditions, the people they surround themselves with, and other influences that may surround them. Behavior genetics environmental factors can be separated into two categories, shared and nonshared. Shared environment can be considered the environment that is shared by members in the same family, which can include the same parents or socioeconomic class. Nonshared environment is the one that is exclusive to an individual and incorporates their own peer group or hobbies not shared with family members. When you read a lot about behavioral genetics there is a lot of talk about Nature vs. Nurture, with genetics being the “nature” and the environment being “nurture.” Since I feel that a person’s “behavior” can be affected by both I can understand why this theory goes along with this topic. In order to
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