The Impact Of Global Education On The Middle East

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Throughout the broad and varying research on global education in the Middle East, it is apparent that these two variables have a very important relationship that impacts many lives. Education plays a huge role in the dynamics of every country and has the ability to increase diverse perspectives and critical thinking skills, allowing societies to progress in many aspects. Analyzing and critiquing a broad array of scholarly articles has provided a solid foundation to help formulate a personal perspective on this matter and contemplate possible solutions for addressing this global phenomenon. The analysis of the articles helped expose the deep rooted importance that privilege and marginalization hold on the development of an individual’s ability to generate a perspective on global education. In terms of my own personal perspective on the power of global education in the Middle East, I see only one viable solution. Instead of allowing Middle Eastern societies to continue on their culturally accepted path, we must help them understand the importance a quality education will have on their future. By this I mean, in Western societies we see education ingrained in the minds and hearts of our people. America has seen the benefits that diverse perspectives and critical thinking skills have on a society 's ability to progress. I think that if the Middle East wants to progress in the aspect of sustainability, there must be a fight to increase education in cooperation with organizations…
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