The Impact Of Global Narcotics Drug Control

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After evaluating the impact of Global Narcotics Drug Control, the Republic of Croatia believes that global control is necessary is combating the drug problem. All member states should enforce that there state is participatory is global control. The Republic of Croatia recognizes the many strategies and acts that have previously been instated and updated to deal with the world drug problem. The first National Drug Supervision and Control Strategy and Assistance to Drug Addicts in The Republic of Croatia was enacted by the parliament in 1996. This strategy helped to combat narcotic drug abuse, through programs such as addiction prevention, suppression of narcotic drug abuse, to medical treatment and care for addicts and occasional drug users. The Republic of Croatia believes that the cooperation with the European Union is useful when evaluating the impact on Global Narcotics Drug Control. The Croatian Parliament with the EU adopted the second National Strategy on Combating Narcotic Drug Abuse in the Republic of Croatia 2006-2012, in December 2005. The National Strategy called for the creation of the Drug Abuse Prevention Act, which was an institutional system to help prevent drug addiction, give treatment to those addicted, and help combat abuse. It consisted of members on a national level and on a county level. After an evaluation of the National Strategy initiated by the Office for Combating Narcotic Drug Abuse in 2011 (conducted by an external source) it was determined
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