The Impact Of Globalization On Canada And Canada

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Globalization can be defined as the movement towards economic, financial, trade and communications integration, allowing for a state of global interconnectedness. Globalization affects all countries in different ways. Globalization has had a positive impact on Canada. The Canadian economy has grown, international conflicts are becoming less prevalent, Canadian tourism has increased, Canadians have seen an unprecedented rate of cultural integration, even the life expectancy of Canadian citizens is due in part to the effects of Globalization. Canada has benefited greatly due to Globalization and this phenomenon will continue to impact Canada for the rest of time, until the world reaches the state of Globality. Economic Globalization: Globalization can be defined as the increasing interconnectedness between states, therefore it can benefit Canada and Canadians in certain areas such as increased availability of needed products, and a quicker and easier form of trade (McBride 2005). Without trade Canada would have a hard time surviving. With a population just shy of 33 million, it would be difficult to procure the funds and obtain the needed resources to supply citizens with everything they need. Due to Globalization trade has become easier (See Appendix B). There are less barriers and borders to deal with when shipping in products and resources. This allows for both a flow of money out of Canada but also a flow of money back into the Canadian economy (McBride 2005). With

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