The Impact Of Globalization On Citizenship For A Nation State

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Globalization is a phenomenon that is crucial and fundamental to the development of our world which also has an increasingly amount of influence that played an important role in the flow of migration and immigration of individuals seeking for better opportunities. As a result, it is a given that globalization will significantly impact the process of citizenship for a nation state. Thus, the objective of this paper is to demonstrate the way in which the influence of globalization upon citizenship has opened an array of opportunities and advantages for citizens as well as serious implications in regards to the security concerns of a state as it creates an environment for terrorist activities as well as a clash of cultural values which can also be nation destroying. Firstly, the widely used term “globalization” is a very old process; however it is a phenomenon that is constantly experiencing growth and development. In that regard, for one to understand the topic of this paper, it is ideal to begin by defining globalization, that being said, there are many definitions however it was best described by Richard J.Payne (2012) in his book Global Issues, which stated that globalization refers to the shrinking of distances among its continent as it creates a worldwide interconnectedness of important aspects of human life, including religion, migration, war, finance, trade etc. It is a world wide movement toward economic, socio-cultural, political and technological communication
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