The Impact Of Globalization On Indigenous People And Impaired Their Way Of Life

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Globalization has been the catalyst for advances made in technology, medicine and other areas in the development of the ``modern`` world. Nations have become economically, politically and sociably integrated and dependent on each other, direct effect of globalization. There have been significant beneficial outcomes, but one will wonder at what cost? Throughout the process, societies have neglected the rights of Indigenous people and impaired their way of life; the actions of the human race have caused irreversibly consequences to the Indigenous people.
Cultural Survival Background
David Maybury –lewis, an anthropologist, took initiative through the founding of cultural survival (non profit group) that eventually became incorporated in 1972. In the 1960`s governments opened the undeveloped areas of the Amazon and South America, in the sole purpose in obtaining resources. The urge in the creation of the group was a direct response to the repercussions occurred to the Indigenous people throughout the process. Cultural Survival essential became another ``voice`` for the Indigenous people throughout their struggle for their rights, sovereignty. Since its dawn, cultural survival has been the catalyst and backbone in the international Indigenous rights movement. The significant contributions made include: empowerment for Indigenous people around the world and increase in exposure of Indigenous culture through their publication program. The cutting of rainforest…
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