The Impact Of Globalization On Sports Managers Will Face Within The 21st Century

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Globalization can be defined as “the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and government of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology” (The Levin Institute, 2015). Globalization is aided by the increasingly easy relation of information between individuals. This aid has been extended into areas including: “political, economic, social, and cultural” (Thibault, 2009). In relation to these areas, subsections like “politics and international governance, economics, business, media and technology, health, education, development, environment, and culture” (Thibault, 2009) are closely intermingled. Sport can directly relate to these subsections and so, there is an ability to say that the globalization of sport is a problem that sport managers will face within the 21st century. However, numerous arguments can provide insight into whether it is truly a problem. This article will discuss the economic impact, the environment, and how it will effect people who are affiliated with sport. Economic status determines how successful a person or country is in today 's society. More priority is placed on it than some would like to acknowledge. With every country on the planet attempting to increase their gross domestic product (GDP) and find new innovative ways to boost their economy, hosting a large sport event makes sense, especially considering “the International Olympic Committee [...] and the

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