The Impact Of Globalization On The Corporate World

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Introduction and summary of articles
The current economic environment in the corporate world characterized by competition is making many organizations try their best to outweigh their rivals. The main causes of the heightened competition is the globalization. The globalization has eased the transfer and movement of goods from every corner of the world to the other hence competing in the domestic market. Many companies and nations have responded to increasing pressure from competition using different strategies. Similarly, the effects of competition are not only felt by the competing industries but nations too. Globalization has led to the opening of borders to facilitate trade, hence those countries or companies that are equipped manage to realize the benefits compared to others. Some of the strategies that nations have adopted to neutralize the competition arising from globalization and free movement of goods include creating barriers to entry, strategic entry deterrence and mergers, and acquisition. The rest of the paper will outline how the three factors influence industrial organizations and as well as their impacts. This will be done by discussing three newspaper articles on the same subject.
In an article by Gelles (March 12, 2015) that appeared in the New York Times titled, "Uncertainty weighs on Endo’s higher bid for Salix Pharmaceuticals “confirms the competitiveness of acquisition. The article talks about the competition existing between Endo International and…
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