The Impact Of Globalization On The People Of China

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Globalization is a worldwide growth phenomenon where economies, communities, and traditions are being integrated through increased interaction (Goodman). However, the phenomenon has come amid controversies. It has both positive and negative effects on the globe. Positive effects include globalization of western corporations that at some point had their businesses solely operating in the western nations (Goodman). Fast communication channels have interconnected people around the world through mediums such as instant messaging, instant internet connections, and webcams that have replaced the slow paper mail (Goodman). Some of the negative effects include loss of culture especially in the third world countries. It has also led to exploitation especially of labor where employees work in very inhumane environments (Goodman). This paper will focus on a few aspects of globalization and how they have influenced the people of China especially their eating habits. Coffee is quickly replacing the tea culture and fast food chains have targeted the large Chinese market. This change in the Chinese eating culture has come with some challenges like health problems.
Coffee Culture
Tea drinking has long history in China. It dates back to 5000 years ago when Emperor Sheng Nong was in the process boiling water and some teal leaves fell into the pot (Goodman). The quant tale is a clear demonstration of the key role tea plays in the Chinese tradition and history. Steaming cups of
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