The Impact Of Globalization On The Quality Of Our Communication

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In this modern era, globalization has broadly speking throughout the world .All aspect of community life affected by globalization .Benefits of globalization accustomed by higher social status people such as young generations and people with high social status. However , people remote areas and older generation finds difficult to accept or even rejects globalization. Globalization occurs through a variety of channels but this essay focus on teachnology of communication. Global communication is the ability to provide and access information through mobile phones , internet, taxes and texts .The major development of communication is already felt by every community and it develops their life much more easier . Develop communication is not only about delivering message to the target receiver but it is also about communicating effectively . A professional communication plays an distinct role to convey sensible message . Failed communication might occur due to lack of qualified communication. Some of the failures may lead to misunderstanding or even conflicts . Although globalization is the process of international integration which has widely spread throughout the world and benefits , it does give a negative impact on the quality of our communication. This essay will focus on how and why globalization affect the quality of our communication. We are living in a fast moving world where communication eases our everyday life.According to Mc
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