The Impact Of Gold On The City Of Potosi

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The Impact of Silver

The city of Potosi, which is now modern day Bolivia, was once a vast mining town located in the Andean highlands in the mid 1500’s. This town was the world’s leading producer of silver; the mountain contained enormous amounts of silver that then created many opportunities for many different people all around the world. The population of Potosi at this time was around 160,000 large enough that it was comparing to that of cities like London and Amsterdam. This great mountain supplied many people with all sorts of different jobs. This was a very dangerous and fatal job for the people and many ended up dead or injured from working in the mines. “Once inside, they spend the whole week in there without emerging, working with tallow candle. They are in great danger inside there, for one very small stone that falls injures or kills anyone is strikes. If 20 healthy Indians enter on Monday, half may emerge crippled on Saturday” (Strayer614). Mining in this mountain was very risky and you never knew if you would survive the day or make it out of mine safely. Once the silver was mined from the mountain in Potosi it was sent off to many different places all around the world. Mexico, the Philippines, China, and Japan were all places that silver was exported to. But, the main destination of this silver was to Spain. The Spanish used this silver for many different things. “In Spain itself, which was the initial destination for much of Latin Americas silver, the
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