The Impact Of Greek Culture On Modern Culture

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Europe is a combination of people and cultures that have occupied a region for thousands of years. These people and their cultures have shifted, adapted, and changed many times over these years in order to become the Europe that we know today. Europe today is founded on some of the same principles that founded the Greek Empire thousands of years ago. Amazingly, the core concepts of these societies have not changed much in this extended period of time, rather they have become engrained and the system on which our governments and lives revolve around. The ideals of academia, the political systems, and foundations of the cultures all come from the ancient Greeks. Author Paul Cartledge speaks to the systems that rule the Western world as we know it and the foundations of these systems by the ancient Greeks. Cartledge speaks somewhat harshly of the systems we know today, but clearly identifies the implications the ancient Greeks had on our modern cultures. He states that they defined rule as under three major categories, rule by one, by some, or by all. This encapsulates the theory behind modern culture, but nothing dominates the Western world quite like the ideals of democracy that were founded by those same Greeks. While the ancient Greeks impacted Western society possibly more than any other culture to date, the Romans cemented many of these beliefs and crafted Europe into the jigsaw puzzle of languages, cultures, and religions that we know today. From Roman Catholicism to
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