The Impact Of Haruki Murakami On The World War II

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Haruki Murakami was significantly influenced by his environment while growing up as a person and as a writer. Several world events shaped Murakami into the writer that he is today. One of the most important events was World War II and the events following the end of the war. World War II was single-handedly one of the most impactful and life-changing events in history. According to BBC News, the war ended when two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan which caused Emperor Hirohito to surrender to the Allies. The Japanese people were oppressed and persecuted because they were the antagonists of the war. Haruki Murakami was born after the war and grew up in a Japanese society marked by war. Even after the war had ended, the feelings had not disappeared. Japanese literature was stained with themes of devastation and war. The stereotype put on the Japanese also made it more difficult for them to find places in society. Murakami had a harder time becoming part of mainstream literature because he was of Japanese heritage. Another important event was the rise of the United States as a world power. The new power began to influence more than just politics and economies. The pop culture of the United States was diffusing to other regions of the world including Japan. Murakami embraced American literature and this pushed him to write it instead of traditional Japanese literature. The wars of the late 20th century were other events that occurred during the life of Haruki Murakami. These

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