The Impact Of Hearing English For High School Students The Skills Of Radio Programs

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This study aims to identify the impact on the evolution of hearing English for high school students the skills of radio programs. This research helps develop listening and ways of developing them in person and listen to the correct pronunciation of the word from a real person by listening to radio programs in skills. Listening is a focus on basic language skills, And to develop good listening skills in order to cope with the academic requirements of the school and learn adequate reading and writing skills. It can show better concentration and memory when working to develop good listening skills, It is a skill most prominent communication in the classroom and daily life. One way that listening skills can be developed is through…show more content…
English, as a lingua franca, is a complex process that you need to train and focus on speech, the first thing you should do is to learn how to listen. In the sense that listening means that you have the ability to receive the information issued by the speaker and the ability to understand and respond to the speaker and other information. Because plays an important role in language acquisition. and the ability to distinguish
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