The Impact Of Human Resources Management On Marks And Spencer's ( M & S )

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1.Introduction In today’s highly competitive world market, companies are intensely pressurized to survive any possible failures caused by their external threats and internal weakness. Coming with the intense competition in the world market are the changes in many aspects such as technologies, customer demands and customer tastes. All these dynamic factors have all combined to make the originally shrinking world market share much smaller, and make the intensive competition all the more fierce. The adaption to this changing wave of the highly competitive world market requires a willingness and real strategic actions of companies to make internal changes so as to be adapted to the world market to maintain the very survival of theirs. Generally speaking, such a desire and those actual strategies come from nowhere but within the companies internally. The following essay aims at exploring the extent to which the changes in Human Resources Management has contributed to the competitiveness on Marks and Spencer’s (M&S) after 1997, its crisis of describing by analyzing the HRM problems with which M&S was faced, by evaluating the approaches made by M&S to HRM change, which this article will argue it played a large role in enhancing the overall competitiveness of M&S in the global market. 2.The Situation for Change by M&S 2.1 Background of M&S Founded in 1884, Marks & Spencer gradually transformed itself from a small booth to a global department store company with multiple channels,
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