The Impact Of Humanism On The Renaissance

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The Renaissance is a period that emerged in Europe after the middle Ages between the 14th and 17th century. It was a historical period initiating rebirth to society and so named because it signaled the re-emergence of humanism, which was the belief in the intellectual potential and overall experience of humankind. This renewal was witnessed particularly in the arts, with painters and sculptors seeking greater naturalism along with the revival of both mythological narratives and ancient figural proportions. It is evident that Humanism had an enormous impact on the Renaissance period and this can be most accurately identified based on how people incorporated Humanism in many of their cultural artifacts and works.
The word Renaissance is defined as the ‘rebirth’ of the ideals and achievements of the classical Roman culture. It was during this period that people started to portray a disregard towards religion and the traditional beliefs with respect to the concept of God. Instead they tried to express and focus towards the idea of personal belief, reason, and opinions. Due to this contrasting transition, people started believing that they were prominent than others. As a result, this fueled many individuals to reformulate the preconceived ideas of art and architecture to bring out the greatness and fame to their respective cities. Many artists started to emphasize details in 3 dimensions (3-D) with respect to human emotions. Moreover, they also aimed to accurately represent
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