The Impact Of Ict On Innovation And Change

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Companies are adopting more to ICT, Information Communication Technology. ICT is not just doing the same old stuff the same old way. It’s taken the same old stuff and making it more efficient by making it different through process innovation or doing new things through product innovation. ICT adoption brings on innovation and change. What inspires organizations to adopt these changes? Changes are adopted on the basis that some organizational expected innovations that would make their organization more advances in order to meet the changes in technology. The successful implementation of technology brings about organizational and behavioral changes. An organizational change views ICT implementation as a process involving technical change…show more content…
In all, voice recognition is great in so many ways, although you will have some doctors that will rather keep using the old fashioned way with a pin and paper. There are downsides; the trouble with technology, especially with computers is that it could down or even crash. This is a great thing that is being introduced to help patience’s and doctors, but it is safe to say that there should always be a back-up, in case of system failure. The new age of innovations is phasing out a lot of things that we as human beings have grown accustomed. The greatest innovation in the 21st century to me is the invention of tablets. There are several options to choose from, you have the Apple IPad, Galaxy Tab, and Amazon Kindle. Among these tablets they have created an all in one experience that cannot be touched, with music being the biggest and downloading apps are among the highlights. The one thing that I notice is tablets are beginning to phase out is magazines. I enjoy having a tablet, it is convenient because at the push of a button you can download a magazine, read, and be done versus having a magazine that you might not never pick up again and throw away. The only problem with the advancement in technology and the consistent growth of being able to have an all in one device are jobs. Think about it for a moment, the consumer demand is becoming so strong for things that can be done at the touch of a finger. There want be a need
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