The Impact Of Immigrants On America

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Immigrants, are they good influence to America? Should they be allowed to stay? Many people think all foreigners, undocumented people should leave to go back to their country. They think immigrants are a bad influence and that they affect the nation. People born in the U.S think it would have a good impact if immigrants left, they think it would reduce violence, crimes and it would make the U.S. safer. Yet, immigrants are the ones who make the nation better. Immigrants make an impact to America because they create a greater economy, are hard workers, and they influence the nation.
1891-1920 the period of immigration, about 10 million undocumented men, women, and children came to America, making the economy the largest in the world (Bush 154). Still today, more immigrants come to America for a better living. With many immigrants coming to the U.S almost everyday the population increases. Having millions of immigrants staying to work for companies in the U.S. they become the “fastest growing marketplace” (Grow 51). With their skilled or unskilled labor immigrants provided they contribute billions of dollars to the economy (“How”).
Economy, the consumption of products and services, the wealth and resources to have in a country. Immigrants make an impact to the economy, they benefit it by fueling economic growth and increasing share of taxes paid (Grow 45). The more immigrants do to help the nation the better economy there is. Without immigrants, the labor work force would
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