The Impact Of Immigration On Hong Kong Essay

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Jonathan Cheng
Michelene Perez
ENGL 1010D- 50D
Jan 15, 2014
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The Effect of Immigrants in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a big city. She has four hundred and twenty-six square mile, but seven million people live in there. Even though so many people in here, the government still allows one hundred and fifty immigrants from China to live in Hong Kong each day. The people continued coming, even after the immigration laws had relaxed. We will have more and more people to live Hong Kong. If we still have one hundred and fifty immigrants to come to Hong Kong every day, we will have eight million people in 2016. It is a huge population for a city. It will affect the social resources for citizens. The immigrants have brought a lot of negative and positing affecting welfare, housing, and economy. First of all, the medical, education, and comprehensive social security assistance in Hong Kong is not sufficient for the citizen. The medical is part of the welfare in Hong Kong. The government will help pay part of the bill, if go to the public hospitals. Also, the emergency ambulances have promised to will arrive within 12 minutes from the time of call to the arrival of an ambulance at the street address. Now, we have more people live in here, so the requirement of the emergency calls is increased. The emergency ambulances are not enough. Each car has to work sixteen to twenty times every day. If we have a serious accident, the emergency ambulances are not enough. Before the
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