The Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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Compare and Contrast Essay Immigration has been a controversial topic for the United States for many years and immigration law, which is structured to import workers and family members (Posner, 2013), has been a concerned with mid-term elections and recent events. There has been a lot of attention in the media as of lately due to the entrance of over 57,000 unaccompanied Central Americans entering the country illegally. To take control of the situation Sen John Carnyn and Rep Henry Cuellar proposed a bill that would give birder control the opportunity in deciding rather children should be sent back immediately or if they should be allowed to have a court hearing. If they are allowed to have a court hearing, judges would then be required to make a final decision within seven days. The push for immigrants cases to be moved to an earlier date could undermine children’s rights and lead to a greater backlog of cases considering that it takes children longer to acquire lawyers and the chances of being granted citizenship without a lawyer is significantly lower than the chances of staying if you had a lawyer which is nine out of ten. By speeding up the process such cases would be ignoring the due process rule, would create a higher risk of legal errors, and clients are not being properly aware of their changed court date. For example, in the passage the author mentioned the case in which two illegal immigrants were seeking shelter with their Guatemalan father in Virginia received
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