The Impact Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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Many People can speculate if the U.S.-Mexican border is truly a significant factor for our government’s safety or just there wasting money, time and land. By allowing the government to fund the border many improvements could be made. Border Safety, can create a safer border environment by facing the multiple Issues and Challenges, like illegal Immigration, Drug Enforcement, and cross-border Transportation, and Technological improvements by Homeland security influence the agents, trying to cease these issues. A vast complication that the United States goes through is the huge illegal immigration.
Each year thousands of illegal immigrants enter the United States across the U.S.-Mexican border. The result is that the congress has mandated increased efforts, as improved technology, to facilitate border processing of illegal entries and prevent or deter illegal crossing. A major draw for the illegal immigration is the job opportunities that the United States provides. What is the nature and extent of increasing immigration on the border? Most Mexicans who want to be a part of the United States must present documents to the INS inspectors at ports of entry along the border. Of the 915,000 people who were granted there residency, about 15 percent were Mexicans. According to a Brookings institution study, an unknown number of Mexicans, mostly like 1 million, cross over to the United States to work for a short period of time and then later return to their homes. The INS has
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