The Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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During the 1990’s there was a massive migration of Hispanics from Central, and South America into Texas. This large influx of population in Texas caused several problems such as hundreds of poor neighborhoods, a need for more teachers in public school, and fewer jobs available for the native born Texans. I plan to find my information on this topic by gathering data from the Rice Library, as well as using my online databases containing several scholarly articles such as JSTOR and GALE. Two sources that will be used to preforme OPVL are a personal interbore from a man who worked in downtown Houston during the 1990’s, and an article published examining the influx of immigration into Texas during the 1990’s Summary of Evidence- During the 1990’s there was an influx in foreign born population. In Texas the native born population was approximately 15,462,074 people. The foreign born population was 1,524,436 meaning that the population was approximately 9% of the total population in Texas were immigrants. This is a very large percentage considering over the course of twenty years, from 1930 through 1950, the total percentage only grew by 4.7%. Then the population grew another 4.7% in 1970, 6.2% in 1980, 7.9 in 1990, and 9.7% in a single year, 1997. This impacted in the number of available jobs. Foreigners were now coming and filling job openings leaving more people without jobs. In the 1980’s unemployment was approximately 5.2% then in the 1990’s unemployment raised to 6.4%.
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