The Impact Of Imperialism

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Anciently, imperialism has developed with the rise of human’s civilisation. Imperialism defined as per Cambridge dictionary as ‘a system or a situation where one country with superior power used force or influence to rule and exploit another country’ (Cambridge dictionary, 2017). In the contemporary colonial era, many European intellectuals and thinkers have justified imperialism such as Rudyard Kipling with his famous poem ‘The White Man’s Burden’ (,uk, 2017). The poem reflected the agreement of many Europeans of their superiority, which attached with a duty to spread Western ideas and knowledge toward non-Western people. They thought they were primitive barbarians as Kipling expressed them ‘Half-devil and half-child’ and they need guidance to change their way of life. Extraordinarily, the British has exceeded its European counterparts in colonial superiority and extended its empire, the largest in the world, over fifth of the land in the earth and they gained that status because of their naval superiority and manoeuvres. By 1783, Britain had established an empire which comprised colonies in Canada, America and the West Indies (, 2017). The British East India Company had built up a small empire of…show more content…
Notwithstanding, the British decolonisation policy in India was alike the one in Ireland – first and longest British colony in the history. Like India, Ireland had many uprising through their history but the British crack them down hardly and refused to give them their independence. The Irish famine in the 1850s was like the Bengal famine in India in occurrence due to ignorant British policies. The British decolonisation process in Ireland led to a partition based on religion alike the one in
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