The Impact Of Implementation Of Relation Social Intelligence

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In this thesis we have analyzed the effects of implementation of Relation Social Intelligence (RSI), in Chinese firm. A qualitative literature analysis review was performed in order to understand the main reasons why employees are looking for new opportunities. We started from a high level analysis which was involving the entire word wild job market narrowing down step by step to China reality. In this prospective aspects related to Chinese`s core value are also analyzed. As described in the thesis, they are important aspects which should be kept under consideration when we start the implementation of RSI. As reported in literature there are several reasons which might influence the employee`s decision to change their job and those reasons might be related to personal, environmental and or cultural aspects. Those aspects where considered during the implementation of Relation Systemic Intelligence in China in pharmaceutical company. A transition from strong hierarchy leadership style to a more social decision making style (RSI), was analyzed based on real data collected on productivity, quality, hiring cost and percent of employee voluntary turnover. Appropriate sets of data were collected during the period of initiation and transition (2013 to 2016), the data were analyzed using regression fit analysis in order to evaluate the correlation between variables.


The porpoise of this research is to assess the benefits to implement RSI in Chinese firms in…
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