The Impact Of Imprinting On International Firms

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Aspects unknown about Organizational Imprinting The ability to generalize many aspects of imprinting is an overreaching unknown at industry and country levels (Judge et al., 2015; Mathias et al., 2015; Pieper et al., 2015; Sullivan et al., 2014; Woodside & Bater, 2015). Although some events and environments that contribute to organizational imprinting are known, there are potential events and environments that have not been explored including how various levels of organizations are imprinted (Mathias et al., 2015). The process of how imprinting occurs is not fully understood Mathias et al., 2015). There appears to be a lack of knowledge how imprinting affect various industries (Sullivan et al., 2014; Woodside & Bater, 2015). There…show more content…
Description of the Proposed Study The purpose of this qualitative study is to identify the imprinting factors that affect business owners in the decision to expand internationally. The question this proposed research will seek to answer is: What are the imprinting factors that instigate business owners to expand internationally? The sample will be comprised of business owners in the Missouri who have international organizations. Information collected will include demographics concerning the owner and the organization, such as how many ventures has the owner begun, the types of businesses, and how long the business or businesses existed before becoming an international company. Data will be collected concerning the various types of imprinting including relationship, activities, and work experience (Mathias et al., 2015). Surveys will be used to collect demographic data; semi-structured interviews will be employed to determine the types of imprinting experienced by the owner and how these imprinting methods affected their decision to expand internationally. The demographic data will be analyzed employing indirect standardization. The interviews will be coded using QAD, a qualitative software program, to search for categories of imprinting identified by Mathias et al. (2015) concerning relationships, activities, and work experience. A content and factor, using SPSS,
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