The Impact Of Individual And Institutional Characteristics On Teachers ' Perceptions Essay

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Miller, W. J., Kuykendall, A. J., & Thomas, A. S. (2013). Are we in this together? An analysis of the impact of individual and institutional characteristics on teachers ' perceptions. School Community Journal, 23(2), 137-159.
This study addressed restrictions in past investigations of educators’ view of parental involvement in education. Data was collected from 199 educators from 23 schools within a single school district in a mid-sized southern metropolitan city. The authors used the School Community Survey (SCS) to ask demographic questions and 65-questions in the “teacher section” to gather information that describes the school community from the viewpoints of parents, students, teachers, principals. The findings suggested that SCS measures consistently measured teachers’ perceptions and that those measures can be joined to develop summary measures of overall perceptions. The study further states that linear regression analyses using robust clustered standard errors recommends there are significant differences in both the individual, institutional, teacher perceptions. This study serves as a good source to study teachers and parents ' perceptions as it relates to parental involvement.
O 'Sullivan, R. H., Yung-Chi, C., & Fish, M. C. (2014). Parental mathematics homework involvement of low-income families with middle school students. School Community Journal, 24(2), 165-187.
This study included 79 students, their parents, and math teachers from an urban junior high
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