The Impact Of Industrial Revolution On Manufacturing Plants

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Industrial revolution period was a moment in history that marked a transition from hand production methods to use of machines; the movement of labour from agar sector of an economy into manufacturing. Usage of the latest technologies boosted productivity to level that would have never been achieved by hand production. In pursuit of wealth, manufacturing owners neglected all the safe issues of their employees, and that caused a tremendous number of injuries and death on manufacturing plants . With a long line of people willing to work, manufactures could keep the safe conditions and wages low, and still have enough people to run the factory.
Manufactures always tried to get us much machinery as possible on their factories to increase productive capacity. They would be buying unsafe machinery to save money, and would also disregard safety concerns correlated to them. The number of machines on manufacturing plants always exceeded the space designed for them, making the presence of workers next to them unsafe. Only brief explanation of usage was given to new workers, leaving them with not enough knowledge of what to do in case of danger or mechanical fault. Depending on the nature of work done, machinery presented different danger; for example steam machinery was hot, endangering workers with burns. They were also heating up the rooms with usually dry materials, that could potentially catch fire due to overheat. Due to a low safety standard, in case of fire, most of the…
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