The Impact Of Information Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Technology has a big impact on our society. For example, many people use cars, computers, and cell phones every day. Technology can make people more comfortable. It entertains and educates us. It also helps us stay connected. The impact in technology takes a role on our society; social skills; employment; and our relationships. Technology can play a negative or a positive affect on each topic of discussion. Technology is valued because in todays society because it provides for a world of opportunity and opens doors to communication for people, businesses, relationships, and social skills.

Technology impacts our daily life and cannot be overstated. Information technology has become the normal of our daily lives in the way the town square shared the news in ancient history to a newly visit from the neighborhood milkman less than a century ago. It is becoming increasingly more challenging to even imagine a world not supported by smart phones, satellite, the Internet, and global communications. A middle school pre-teen will lament if he is punished with removal of his smart phone for even one day and this is an indication of the significant impact of information technology. This also points to hell interwoven into our daily lives these technologies have grown. The reach extends into most aspects of modern life, but of significant importance is the influence it yields on social skills, relationship and employment. So the impact on these key social and functional
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