The Impact Of Information Technology On Business Relationships

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ABSTRACT The Paper researches on the topic of if and how Information technology impacts the Businesses and Corporations in current Era. The aim of this paper is to investigate the social pattern changes due to emerging Information Technology in Business Relationships. New Technological development puts overwhelming demands on businesses and also provides new opportunities for Businesses to improve their products and Market Understanding. Due the vast development of Information technologies there are various possibilities to use them by Companies as they conduct their code. The most popular product of overwhelming Information can be taken as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Having Integrated EDI allows larger and smaller Businesses to…show more content…
Therefore, companies must operate under increased pressures to produce more with fewer resources. Large corporations such as IBM, AT&T, General Electric, and General Motors have restructured their organizations, eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, in an attempt to remain competitive in the global marketplace. BODY This section will try to address the importance of Information systems in current Businesses and also tries to answer the research questions in analytical manner. The recent efforts of researchers in information technology integration into business relationship (Lindh, 2006, Ryssel et al., 2004) and information technology impact on business networks (Baraldi, 2003, Dahlin, 2007, Ritter 1999) have added new knowledge on business relationships and networks. In queue with the first field of research, the study emphasizes on the concern of social dimension of relationship and focuses on Informative Technologies. The following research questions to be answered in the paper: What is required to apply IT into business? Well, there are several sectors of Businesses like healthcare, food processing, media, computer games, tourism etc. But all of these Businesses have some basic requirements to apply IT in business. Those requirements can be partitioned into Cost, Planning, Hardware and/or Software installations and also Training staffs for new technologies. What type of risk does IT bring to
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