The Impact Of Information Technology On Human Resource Management

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Information technology is expected to drive Human Resource (HR) 's transition from a focus on Human Resource Management (HRM) to Strategic Human Resource Management
(SHRM). This strategic role not only adds a valuable dimension to the HR function, but also changes the competencies that define HR professional and practitioner success.
Helps the organization to go more flexibly and accurately by technology.
HRIS functions
* Integrating the Technologies of HR.
Developments in information technology have been greatly affected .
This development created challenges in training, employment, and others.
* Increased Efficiency
Information systems have made and handle some things such as payroll reports and interest
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Advise the new employee and guidance. And knowledge of staff needs.
For Example: Florida International University :
The least expensive way to access an online database is by staff and fill out their preference data.

Payroll module
This role of human resources speaks for a by collecting data on employee attendance and absence of employees and collection of certain taxes and deductions.
The employee 's tax report is incorporated into the financial management system and includes payroll data for the employee.
Payroll methodology in information systems saves time and reduces error rate.
Enter payroll and payment information quickly.
Simplifies payrolls.
Keeps all information and processes executed to be referenced at any time.
High storage
For Example Training module
This role of human resources Provide training for employees and follow up on their use. The organization can purchase online education and training from books
Courses etc. The organization can continue to benefit from the training that employees have obtained through the data. An example of online training is And
The site provides training from the best universities of the world to individuals and organizations and provides accurate data which is supported.
The use of technology has become less expensive and more beneficial to the
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