The Impact Of Information Technology On The Adoption Of Technology

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Subject: Managing Information Technology in Engineering 49013 Assignment Number: 4 Date Submitted: 31-May-15 Assignment Title: Assignment 2b Student Name(s) and Number(s) Tutorial Group: Guy Srzednicki 12141723 Bondi Declaration of Originality: The work contained in this assignment, other than that specifically attributed to another source, is that of the author(s). It is recognised that, should this declaration be found to be false, disciplinary action could be taken and the assignments of all students involved will be given zero marks. In the statement below, I have indicated the extent to which I have collaborated with other students, whom I have named. Signature Statement of Collaboration: Abstract Introduction Literature Review In an analysis of manufacturing companies, firm (company) size positively impacted on the adoption of technology, according to Gomez & Vargas (2012). The reason behind this is due to the presence of complimentary assets within a firm, consequently larger firms are able to obtain more profit due to the adoption of technology and thus have greater incentives to adopt it more quickly (Colombo and Mosconi, 1995; Teece, 1986 cited in Gomez & Vargas (2012)). Despite the greater difficulty in which small and medium size firms (SMEs) have in adopting technology such as IT tools to assist in the day-to-day running of their business
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