The Impact Of Information Technology On The Automotive Industry

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THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS INDUSTRY Page 1 As human beings, we thrive on information and communication. We crave human contact in the form of visual and audio communication. Human beings love information and communication so much so, that with the invention of each new technology we not only grab for it, but we also hold on to the past. We wake up every morning, read our newspaper, listen to our car radios, crank up the Internet; read our mail, write letters, and at the end of the day, we watch the six o'clock news (just in case we missed anything).

Have you noticed however, something incredible has been happening in our world - not just in the last three or four years with computers and the Internet, but
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The number of customers of National Automotive Lines, Inc. is amazing. They range from all 50 States, Canada, and World Wide. It's really means a lot to the company when its products are shipped to such places like Sweden and Australia. And the number of customers is constantly on the increase. Here, the costumers rely on National Automotive Lines' prompt service and straight forward competitive pricing.

The typical hardware and software packages for a store of this kind may consist of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word as well as several IBM PC's. National Automotive itself contains an IBM RS 6000 with TCP/IP and an internal NT. Also with Electronic Data Interchange, National Automotive keeps up with pricing and packaging information. It also helps with its agents - having the ability to update shipping, packing, and customers in real time at their fingertips.

Page 4 National Automotive Lines does currently use the Internet to advertise its services. The company's website can be found at Here, the company expresses its product line, contact and shipping information, highlights, along with a preview of its 2000 catalog. If a person is not familiar with the company, there is a catalog request form that the person is able to fill out to become more familiar with its large product line.

National Automotive enlarged its product line once again in 1996 when it bought another automotive parts supplier,
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