The Impact Of Internal Stakeholders On Business Environment And The Global Economy

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There are numerous reasons why internal stakeholders especially employees resist change in their workplace such as transfer or change in position, a different business process or use of new technology. The major reason why they fear change is due to bad management of change. In recent years, technological growth, changes in business environment and the global economy have forced organizations to change the way they do business. Unfortunately, whether stakeholders like it or not, change is here to stay. Any organizations which will not create any changes risk were being left behind, forgotten, risk competitors driving them out of business or perhaps even shutting down the company.
Most stakeholders prefer predictability and stability in their professional lives. So, they typically avoid situations that upset the order of things, technological changes, threaten their self-interests, increase stress, or involve risks in the project. The concern continues and, in some cases will increase till they are able to recognize the advantages of change and perceive the gains to be worth more than the risk or threats to their self-interests. I as a project manager should know that people resist change because of lack of communication – on the what, why, when, how, who and also the support required for those affected of the proposed change.
The major reason why stakeholders resist change in their workplace is with the fear of losing their jobs or changing positions due to new business…
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